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Parent Resources

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  • Education Resources Information Center  At the Family Information Center page you will find information for parents specifically related to reading and language arts education.
  • Family Education
  • Figure This A collection of educational games for students and their parents. The games are suitable for students of all ages.
  • Helping Your Child Become a Reader This free resource features dozens of fun activities parents can use to build language skills of young children (infants through age 6). The 60-page booklet includes a reading checklist, typical language accomplishments for different age groups, suggestions for books, and resources for children with reading problems or learning disabilities.
  • Helping Your Child Learn Math  This site reinforces skills in classification, computation, estimation, and money in real life situations.  It meets many of the the NCTM standards: Identifying and solving problems, number facts and computations, number concepts, etc.  Grades Pre-K- 7.
  • Learning Activities - Parent's Page
  • National Parent Information Network  Resources and information having to do with education-related topics, including testing.
  •  Arms parents with information to safeguard their children.
  • Parent Sites  A nice collection of sites from Zwolle Elementary.
  • Parent Sites - more sites
  • Parents Edge
  • Parent's Guide to the Internet  Provides basic information about how to use the Internet to find information and to communicate with others.  Tips for using the Internet safely are included.
  • Ready to Learn Prepares children for success in school. Ready to Learn television service is a national effort to improve the school readiness of young children through public broadcasting.  



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